Question: How to Cooking/Reheating food in a Microwave Oven?


The steps of cooking are as follows:

1) First, place the food in the center of the turntable and close the door.  Never switch the microwave oven on when it is empty.  If you wish to heat a dish for a short period of time at maximum power (800W), press the +30 s button once for each 30seconds of cooking time. The oven starts immediately.

2) Press the Power Level button.

Result : The 800W (maximum cooking power) indications are displayed: Select the appropriate power level by pressing the Power Level button again until the corresponding wattage is displayed.

3) Set the cooking time by pressing the 10 min,1min and 10 sec button.

Press the Start button.

4) Result : The oven light comes on and the turntable starts rotating. Cooking starts and when it has finished the oven beeps four times.

5) Power Levels

You can choose power levels as you want.

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