Question: How to get ice from your refrigerator?HRF-663/661/662


If you have a manual one, please follow the steps of “manual”.



Automatic :


 Background: when end user want to clean the ice crushed box or check if there is ice in box, he/she should dismantle and install the ice crushed box. Some end users claim that it’s difficult to remove.

 Reason analysis:

To make the ice crushed box fix on cabinet tightly, there is two grooves (Picture 1) on left and right side to match the flange (Picture 2).



 There are two types of ice crushed box as below two pictures showing.

1, See below picture 3: step 1, lift up from bottom till the top of box touch the cabinet slight.

   Step 2: pull the box out and make the box touch the cabinet slight.

2, See below picture 4: same method as above. The difference is left hand catch the top and right and catch the bottom.



1, When users clean the ice crushed box, don’t make the arm touch the hard board to avoid the arm deformation. (see picture 5)

2, When installing, the crushed motor rotator (picture 7) should match with crushed box knob. (Picture 6) otherwise, the box cannot be installed properly.

3, When installing, the arm of crushed box should insert into hole of crushed motor. (Picture 8) otherwise, there would be no

    ice cube out.


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