Question: How to use Codo pocket washing machine?


Step 1.

Open battery cover and put batteries in Codo pocket washing machine.

(Battery type: AAA alkaline battery 1.5V     Qty.: 3 pieces)

Step 2.

Remove the cap and protection cover. Pull and take the head off, then turn the bottle cap and take off. Put 5ml water into bottle of Codo pocket washing machine.

Put laundry detergent on the stains area of clothes.

Step 4:

Put a piece of paper towel and the mat (you can find it in product packing box) on the back of stains area of clothes.

Tips: The paper towel should be folded into fours and put between the back of clothes and the mat.

Switch on Codo pocket washing machine and use it to hit the stains area of clothes to clean.

Tips: When you clean the stains, please hit stains from the edge of stains firstly, and then move to the center area slowly. By this way it can concentrate stains and make stains to be removed quickly.

Please do not hit the stains at the center area firstly. Otherwise the stains area will be enlarged, and make it be difficult to be removed.

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