Question: The plastic knob of the filter has fallen off and white part remains inside machine. How can I remove it safety?


 Step 1. turn off the tap and unplug the washing machine.  



 Step 2. Remove the rubber hose from its clip and stand a suitable container under it ,remove the bung to drain the water.Replace the bung and fit it back into its clip(as shown in picture).

Step 3. Please use a pliers to remove the white part by counterclockwise.

 Step 4. Please check the white part and the knob of the filter are OK or not.

1.if they are OK, please remove debris and hair pin etc. from the trap and rinse it with running water. Please push and insert the clip off black part into white part.
2.If they are not OK, please contact the call center, they will arrange the service manager to visiting service.

 1.The filter must be in place, or it may lead to leakage.

2.Some models has no rubber hose, please stand a suitable container under the filter.

3. Different models maybe with the difference installation of rubber hose.

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