Question: How to install bottom cover and felt pad?


 Step 1.Remove the washing machine from the packaging.

 Step 2.The plastic or metal bottom cover is on the package top cover.

 Step 3.Find the felt pad in back of the machine packing.



CAUTION ! This must be done before removing the transportation bolts.

Note 1.This is an optional item. Fitting the bottom cover reduces the noise, but can be omitted and does not effect the energy or washing performance of the washer dryer.

WARNING: This task requires the washer dryer to be turned on its side. The washer dryer is very heavy. Risk of injury.

Note 2: Not all the models have the bottom and felt pad, for the details you should refer to the accessories list in the manual .

 Step 4.Remove the double sided sticky tape on the felt pad and stick it on the bottom cover.


WARNING. The washing machine is heavy. Take precautions when lifting heavy objects.

1.Lay down the machine on its side.

2. Remove the 4 bottom feet.

3. Put bottom cover install  at the bottom of machine and re-fit the feet to the bottom of machine. The feet hold the cover in position. Note: The felt pad is towards the inside of the machine when you install to bottom cover.

4. Carefully lift the washing machine to the upright position.

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