Question: How to do if indoor display error code ? Such as "E1"or "F8"ect.


These error codes only can be solved by after-sale service engineers.
Please turn off the unit and call our Haier hotline for help.

E7Communication fault between indoor and outdoor unitsF6outdoor ambient sensor failureF21Outdoor coil temperature sensor
E1Indoor temperature sensor failureF7Suction temperature sensor failureF22Outdoor Alternating current over current protection
E2pipe temperature sensor failureF8DC fan motor malfunctionF23Compressor U-phase overcurrent
Compressor V-phase overcurrent
Compressor W-phase overcurrent
E4Indoor EEPROM failureF9Module resetF24CT detection current abnormal protection
E5Indoor anti-frosting protectionF11Loss of synchronism detectionF25Abnormal of compressor discharge sensor
E9Indoor unit overload in heating modeF12EEPROM failureF27Compressor current sampling circuit fault
E14Indoor fan motor malfunctionF13Lack of refrigerantF28Compressor position detection circuit fault
F1IPM protectionF144-way valve reverse failureF35Compressor driver board failure
F2Instantaneous over-current protection of the compressorF19Power over/under voltage protectionF43Model matching abnormality
F3Communication error between Power module and main PCB board.F20High pressure protectionFEFixed frequency AC Refrigerant leaking detection malfunction
F4Compressor discharging temperature protection

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