Question: Control panel of HW120-B1558



1.Drum selector     2.Programme selector       3.Submenu          4.Power button           5.Quick-Start button


1.Drum selector

Touch or slide up and down in this area to switch between the drums.


2.Programme selector

After choosing the drum a programme can be selected by touching one of the screens. 12 programmes for the upper and 18 programmes for the lower drum are available. In addition the 12kg Standard programme for the energy labeling according to 2010/30 EU is existing for simultaneous use of both drums. Slide sidewise in order to see further programmes. The selected programme lights up on full screen. Its default settings will be displayed.



Touch the symbols to get following information or further settings.


4.Power button

Touch this button for 3 seconds to switch on the appliance, the display is shining. Touch it again for about 3 seconds to switch off. If no programme is activated after a white machine will shut down automatically.


5.Quick-Start button

Touch this button gently to get a rapid start with using default settings.




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