Question: How to set the temperature for the side by side or T doors refrigerator 



Normally the display panel has control process: Press the lock button for 3s, you can unlock the panel. When you press the fridge or freezer temperature adjustment key, you can set the temperature of the fridge/freezer storage compartment. In fuzzy(smart) function, the refrigerator regulates the temperatures automatically.
Because there are different control processes for different models, please set the temperature refer to the user manual.

The suitable temperature set: Fridge is 5℃ and  freezer is -18 ℃

If you put the vegetables ,fruits or eggs in the fridge , you can set 5℃, if you set other food, you can set the temperature refer to the temperature that it should be stored. if you put some drinks in the frige room, you can use the super cool (power cool )function

If you put much fresh meat , fish or ice-cream in the freezer, you can use the super freeze(power freeze) function, otherwise, set freezer room -18 ℃.

1.HRF-618 series


 2.HRF-619 series


3.HRF-622 series


4.HRB-550 series






7.HRF520 series

Because there are many kinds of models for Haier products,  maybe you can't set the temperature refer to the FAQ. Maybe the display panel is not as the same as the contents and the pictures.

If you don't know how to set the temperature, set the temperature but it can't change or your product is not cooling, please call Haier service.

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