Question: Fridge compartment does not work.



please disconnect the power plug for some hours and defrost the device manually.


Check if there is display in fridge temperature area of the display panel. If no display, it indicates that the fridge storage compartment is turned off.


Please turn on the fridge compartment,usually the control operation :

In the unlocked status, press" fridge Temperature Control Button “ for 3 seconds, the fridge can be turn on or off.

Notice, some refrigerator , the fridge can’t be turned off.


Check if  the fridge temperature area still displays 17℃. If it is , check if the holiday icon displays, the refrigerator is in holiday function, you should turn off the function, usually the control operation :

In the unlocked status, press "Function Select Button", select the Holiday function, if the holiday icon displays, Holiday function is  on, otherwise , the function is off.


Check if the cold air outlet at the upper part of the fridge compartment is blocked by food and no air can blow out. 

Remove the food to keep the air outlet unblocked.


In winter, maybe the environment temperature is less than 10℃,it is same as the temperature in the fridge,we feel it is not cool, in fact it is normal.



The operations are not the same for different models, if you want to control, please see the user manual.


If the fridge still does not work, please call for service.


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