Question: Before using the washing machine need to do -


1.Confirm that the washing machine is earthed reliably.

2.Connect the water inlet hose. Open the water faucet.Then insert the power plug into the socket. The earth terminal shall not link to gas pipeline and faucet water pipeline.

3.Put down the drain hose.

4.Sort the laundry according to their type. The main types are cotton, fabric and silk, please choose the different program as the different type.

5.Separate light color clothes and dark colored clothes.

6.Clear the pocket. Take out the keys, coins, sand, hairpins from the pocket to avoid them dropping into the machine.

7.Fasten the buttons, close zippers.


8.The quantity of the laundry cannot exceed the maximum capacity. Stretch and loosen the clothes before putting them in the tub.

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