Question: The faucet leaking -


Reason 1: The water faucet is rusted or broken.


1.The new hose-sets supplied with the appliance can instead of the old hose-sets.

2.It is required that the front end shall be longer than 10mm, which is shown in the following picture.

3.The exit end face of the faucet shall be flat and smooth. If not, please file it to avoid leakage.

Reason 2: It is not firm that theb connection between the water inlet hose jointer and the water faucet.


1.Press the lower end of the lock lever and push down the slider. Take off the water inlet hose jointer from the water inlet hose component. See to Figure 1.

2.Take off the nameplate. Make sure the treading is 4mm above the upper surface of the nut. See to Figure 6. If the threading is less than 4mm above the upper surface of the nut. Please loosen the screws.

3.Loosen the screw till the water faucet can be accessed. Put the jointer of the water inlet hose on the faucet. See to Figure 2. (If the faucet is too large and the joiner cannot be set on the water faucet, please loosen the four screws and take out the bushing in the jointer. The front end of the faucet must be smooth, otherwise it may leak water, See to Figure 3. )

4.Fasten the four screws evenly. See to Figure 4.

5.Twist the fastening nut, See to Figure 5. After installation, the threading is less than 2mm above the upper surface of the nut. See to Figure 6

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