Question: Water leakage from the back of the refrigerator



Power off, open the cover at the bottom of back the refrigerator. If you find that  it is for the water from the container, you can release the water.


If  the container is on the compressor,  you can pull and remove it then release the water.

On the top of the compressor, there are some damping cements, if you remove the container, they will be broken. We advise you don't need to remove it . You can use the towel to release the water.



If the container is beside the compressor, it is fixed on the compressor bracket. You could not remove it. You should use the towel to release the water





Notice: when you release the water, be careful not put the water on the electrical parts beside the compressor.



The reason for water leakage: the defrost water flows to the container and evaporates. Commonly, the water will evaporate completely.  If the humidity is very high and the door is opened frequently or much high humidity food is put in the room, the defrost water will increase and not  evaporate completely.

So, please don't open the door frequently. When you put wrap the high humidity food in the refrigerator,please wrap it with preservative film


If you find it is for other reason causing the water leakage, please call Haier service







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