Question: How to connect drain water-HW120-B1558



1.Use only the supplied hose set for the connection.
2.Never reuse old hose sets!
3.Only connect to cold water supply.
4.Before connection, check whether the water is clean and clear.

Following connections are possible:

1.Drain hose to sink

1.1 Hang the drain hose with the U-support over the edge of a sink with adequate size(fig. 1).

1.2 Protect the U-support sufficiently against slipping.


2.Drain hose to waste water connection

2.1 The internal diameter of the stand pipe with vent-hole must be minimum 40 mm.

2.2 Put the drain hose for approx. 80mm in the wastewater pipe(fig. 2).

2.3 Attach the U-support and secure it sufficiently.


3. Drain hose to sink connection

3.1. A spigot connection is usually closed by a pad(A). That must be removed to prevent any disfunction (fig. 3).

3.2 Secure the drain hose with a clamp.



1.The drain hose should not be submerged in water and should be securely fixed and leak-free. If the drain hose is placed on the ground or if the pipe is at a height of less than 80cm,the washing machine will continuously drain while being filled(self-siphoning).
2. Drain hose is not to be extended. If necessary contact after sales service.


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