Question: Safety precaution and maintain knowledge of the Water Heater


1. The water heater must have a separate power socket and reliable grounding line. Shower head don’t face to it, and Please do not plug and unplug power cord with your wet hand.

2. When the first using, do not power on the water heater before the tank has been fully filled with water.

3. Before bathing, adjust the mixing water temperature to a comfortable temperature in order to avoid scalding. Be careful, water above 50 ℃ may cause scalding.

4. The safety valve should be checked once a month as follows: turn up the gray(green) handle of the safety valve. If water flow out from pressure relief mouth, it’s ok;

5. There is a magnesium rod inside the tank and used for protecting it is not eroded, 2~3 years please replace it.

6. When you will be not at home for a long time, please close the water inlet valve and power it off to avoid any potential safety problems.

7. When your water heater have any malfunction, please do not open cover of the machine yourself ,please contact haier service hotline.

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