Question: Current maintenance of the water heater


1. security maintenance is very important for the water heater.  You should clean the blocked sundry in time , ensure outlet unobstructed. Don't replace parts on the water heater on its own.

2. inside will form a large scale, after the water heater is in use for a certain period time, when the scale was thick enough, not only to extend the heating time, but also will happen cleft, It is damage to the tank, make the heating time prolonged, the hot water yield decrease. There will need professional personnel to clean the scale if there were no drain valve for electric water heater.

3. It is necessary for cleaning the tank during change of seasons, cut off the power supply first, close the inlet valve, and then open the water valve ,relief valve on the plastic drainage ears turn 90 degrees counterclockwise ,let the Water heater natural water and sediment. Finish and then pouring the water cleaning, after cleaning ,make sure the relief valve is In the original state. Pay attention to first fill rear can electrify.

Attention:  People who Perennial none of water heater power users should always care about Whether the water heater is normal, if abnormal you must contact our service department for maintenance.

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