Question: Electricity economizing methods for electrical water heater


1. if you do not often use the water heater, It is recommended that you can switch on the water heater an hour in advance before use, and then switch off the machine after finished.

You can let your water heater in a closed state when it not in use.

2. if you use hot water for shower and water consumption is not big, It is recommended that half an hour or an hour before a bath water heat. If you bathing in a relatively fixed time, you can use the regular water hear function of the water heater.

3. If you use the hot water more than in the kitchen and toilet for multiple use, It is recommended that you can keep the water heater in the low temperature open state. You can adjust the temperature according to the use of the hot water frequency. Small dosage of temperature down, big dosage of temperature up.

4. It is recommended that you can adjust the temperature according to the environmental temperature. Cold state of temperature up, warm state of temperature down.

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