Question: Relief valve drip


1. The pressure relief port drip occurs as a normal condition at the safety valve. The purpose is to protect the inner cylinder, improve water heater life, and timely release the high pressure in the inner cylinder to dribbling. The principal is similar to pressure release when the pressure cooker has reached a certain pressure relief value. This is also a normal condition. If the user find out that water drips affect life or objects placed below, a draft tube can be led to the sewage line or basin.

2. The inlet valve shall be opened at normal ohmic heating under normal condition. If the water inlet valve is closed off at the time, the safety valve cannot normally release the inner pressure after the pressure is heightened, as the water temperature in the inner cylinder increases. Furthermore, pressure relief and water drip can be caused at the outer pressure release port. It is normal.

3. Lift the safety relief handle for 2-3 seconds, and see if water can be released from the pressure relief port. Prevent the safety valve from long time use to obstruction so that the pressure cannot be release from inside.

4. On safety valve drip phenomenon, there are relevant descriptions on each of the water heater manual. It is caused by water expansion under upon ohmic heating. It is normal.

5. The pressure relief value is 0 for the relief valve of closed water heater 0.8Mpa, viz the water pressure in the tank is close to or more than 0.8Mpa, the safety valve will drip water from the pressure release port. When the water temperature increases along with the interior tank pressure, water drip gains momentum at the pressure relief port. After heating, trickling water will gradually become less as the water temperature in the tank falls down and the pressure decreases.

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