Question: Heating produces sounding and so does the machine


1. Acoustic resonance from the line: When the water pressure caused the tubing to produce acoustic resonance, the user may be guided to adjust the mater valve of tap water to minimum in order to reduced the sound.

2. Water injection sound: When the water heater is not filled full, the user may be guided to do it full. Open the inlet and outlet hot water valve, and if water can be sprayed from the nozzle, it is indicated that water has been filled full.

3. External noise: Inspect for noise from other lines or next house. Guide the user to carefully determine.

4. Voice of normal heating: As cool water has low temperature in winter, sound will be produced from the inner cylinder of the water heater colliding its wall during circulation.

5. Bubble sound: Because of purification, air bubbles breaks down from thermal decomposition at heating in tap water or a little air in the second pressurized water attached on the heating pipe, . It is a normal physical condition, not a failure.

6. Water pressure sound: If the water pressure is unstable and there is a little air bubble in water, sound will be produce in the inner cylinder of water heater. This is not a fault and there will be no problem to happen. You can close the inlet valve to reduce water inlet pressure effect.

7. High power heating pipe: Now, some available models have increased the power of the warming pipe to fast heat up. Electricity consumption is the same as for dual-power 1000 watts and 2000 watts, only time differs from short or long. If it does not require fast heating up on an ordinary day, you can select small power single heating pipe. Heating sound will be even more little in this way.

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