Question: Long heating time and less outlet hot water


1.  For double heating pipe, duo-power may be selected while heating.

2. The temperature can be set more higher. Normally it is set between 70-75 degree as necessary in winter.

3. Make sure it is already heated to the set temperature ; make sure that the capacity enough for a number of persons continuously using the water heater. normal suggestion: 40L for one person;50L for one or two persons;60L for two or three persons.

4. Tap water, due to low temperature in winter, enters into the water heater and is quickly mixed with hot water, leading to more less warm water quantity than in Summer.

5.  With low indoor ambient temperature in Winter, bathing requires higher temperature than in Summer. Hot water quantity is felt more less too. It is recommended to first open the bathroom heater a few minutes if any.

6. Try best to control the size of the shower head. When the total number of liters is certain for the water heater, the more draw-off water from the nozzle, the shorter the time. Normally, it is recommended to press the water valve a little down, and ensure water outlet quantity per minute of 4-5 liters as better bathing.

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