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Question: Abnormal HDMI Output Screen when connected with HDMI Cable


The below listed might be the reasons if there is random noise / disturbance appearing on the screen when connected to HDMI :


a. If random noise appears on the screen, it means that TV does not support HDCP

(High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection).


b. The HDMI cable might have developed some issues, please try changing the cable.


c. The resolution set in the TV set might be higher than the content being played.


You can take the following measures if there is no signal on the screen when connected to HDMI.

a. Pls check the HDMI wire contacts are in good condition.


b. Pls try changing the cable


c. Pls check the broadcast equipment HDMI output is normal.


d. Pls change the TV side in another HDMI inputs.

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