Question: Drum Washing Machine displays E1 or CLR FLTR



Drain failure, display E1 and beeps


Reason 1: If the washing machine has a drain pump inside, the drain hose puts too high. Water could not be drained out or drained too slowly.

Solution: Put the drain hose in a proper position according to following picture. Open and close the top lid once. The washing machine will work again.

The installation height of the lower drainage pipe should be less than 10cm.

The installation height of the upper drainage pipe should be 80cm-100cm.


Reason 2: The drain hose is blocked or pressed.

Solution: Clean the foreign materials in the drain hose and release the drain hose. Open and close the top lid once. The washing machine will work again.


Reason 3: The drain hose is extended too long.

Solution: The proper length of drain hose is less than 3m. (The original hose plus the extended hose.) Please adjust the length of drain hose.


If the problem is not solved, maybe drain pump is damaged, please contact our call center for service.

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