Question: Use of ES15V-N4


1. After installation, as the tank is empty in the first usage, be sure to open the tap water inlet valve and mixing valve. When the tank is filled with water, and the shower nozzle or other water outlet keeps water outputting, please close the mixing valve, check if there's water leakage at each joint, and plug the power plug.

2. Turn the knob as per the needed water temperature. The mark of knob increases from water inlet temperature to 75℃. You can set heating temperature steplessly. The heating indicator will shine under heating mode. Generally the knob should be set to the highest scale. The water heater can regulate the temperature automatically. The power will be switched off automatically when the set temperature is reached, and will be switched on automatically when the temperature drops to certain level. As it continues heating, you can use hot water as well.

When the tap water inlet pressure arrives or exceeds 0.80MPa, the drain hose of safety valve will discharge large amount of water. It is due to extra high water pressure. Please contact the after service for disposal.

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