Question: What is the Holiday function?


After activating the Holiday function, the freezer compartment operates normally, and the fridge compartment  will be set at 17℃ automatically.

When the ambient temperature is below 17 ℃, the fridge temperature is close to the ambient temperature.

When you are going to to be on holiday, you can activate this function. In Holiday function, it needs lower power and doesn’t  generate the bad smell.

Notice: In Holiday function: It should not store food in the fridge, because the setting temperature 17 ℃ is too warm for food.

For example, Haier side by side refrigerator HRF-628AF6 has the function.

If you set the holiday function, press the lock button for 3s, unlock the display panel, then press the holiday button for 3s. Press the holiday button 3s again, exit the holiday function.

 Because there are many kinds of models for Haier products, maybe you can not set the temperature refer to the FAQ please search the user manual from the website first , if  you can‘t find it, please call Haier service center.

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