Question: Voice alarm 

  1.  Front bumper trapped:Check whether the front bumper of the machine can bounce back normally, Whether there is any foreign body stuck in the gap, the bumper of the machine is gently tapped up a few times, if it can not be solved, it needs to be repaired.

  2. Drive wheel off the ground:Put the machine on the ground, if continue to alarm to check whether there is dust foreign body block, clean up, If the fault is not resolved, repair is required

  3. Battery failure:Need to contact the maintenance station for maintenance inspection

  4. Wheel stuck:Check whether there is any foreign matter stuck in the double drive wheel. Press the drive wheel normally and compare whether the elastic force on both sides is normal. The foreign matter can be removed by pressing down and manually rotating the driving force.Maintenance is required if there is no foreign matter

  5. Low battery:The robot automatically recharges when its battery is below 20%. If it is not correctly charged during the period, it will alarm the low power. It can be charged manually or by remote control

  6. Whether the side brush is wound or card main:Remove the side brush, clean the hair, etc., if not wrapped, need to repair

  7. Please move to open area:Check whether the machine is stuck and whether the cloth is too wet to cause the machine to slip. Replace the dry cloth after the machine is removed. Note that the cloth does not need to be manually wet before use

  8. Please load the dustbin:First of all, please check whether the dust box is properly installed. If it is properly installed, there may be water vapor in the fan in the dust box. Please place it in a dry position for air drying and then install it again

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