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Question : Can refrigerator be used normally without earth wire

Answer :

Reason:  The refrigerator could also be operation without the earth wire. But it is really dangerous when any part of your body touch the cabinet with electric which can exist without the earth wire.


Solution: In India we have two kinds of power plug. One is BP3 and the other is BP2.If you get the BP3 one, you can just use the plug without doing anything else.But if you get the BP2 one, you should do as follows:The independent dedicated socket should be used and reliably grounded. The power cord of the refrigerator has three-pin plug (for grounding) which complies with standard. In no circumstances the third pin of the power cord for grounding sail be cut or dismantled. After the refrigerator installed, the plug shall be accessible to facilitate plug in and out.  


                        BP2                                                                                     BP3


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