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Question : How do I get rid of washing machine black mould/smells?

Answer :

 Step 1: Turn off the tap and unplug the washing machine.

 Step 2: Open the door, push down and pull-out the lower part of the porthole gasket.

 Step 3: Use a soft cloth dampened with soap liquid to clean the lower part of the porthole gasket.

 Step 4: Use the same method to clean the drum.

Step 5: Use water to rinse the porthole gasket and drum.




1.Please clean the porthole gasket and drum once two months or the black mould occur, please clean as above. If the mould is dark, please use the GreenWaftage, but it is just to clean the porthole gasket only.

2. Keep the lower part  of the porthole clean and keep the door slightly open when the washing machine is not in use to prevent formation of odours.

3. If the washing machine is not use for a long period, drain the water in the machine, please follow clean the filter operation.

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