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Question : How to use Child Lock for HWM200-678NZP? -

Answer :

The program is locked when the washer works, avoiding the program error caused by children’s curiousness, guaranteeing the safety of the children and operation of washer.

The way of select and cancel Child Lock:

1、Press and hold “Power” button  and hold for 3 seconds, until led light on.

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2、Turn the knob to select program and also adjust the setting if you want.

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3、Press “Start/Pause ” to start.

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4、Press “Solil Level” and “Spin Speed ” and hold them together, until the icon of “Child Lock” is displayed on the digital display. Then the Child lock function is working. During this time, if you operate all the button or knob, they will not response.

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5、If the machine is in “Child Lock” model and you want to cancel it, press  “Solil Level” and “Spin Speed ” and hold them together, until the icon of “Child Lock” is  disappear.

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