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Question : water leakage

Answer :

There are several reasons about water heater leakage as follows:

      1. Seal leakage:

Reasons: Sealing ring aging lead to water heater is leaking for Seals use time is too long.

Solutions: Replace the sealing ring

2. Mix water leakage:

Reasons: Mix water valve use undeserved or aging damage lead to leak

Solutions: Replace mix water valve or repair again, You can con Contact our service department.

3. Relief valve leakage

Reasons: Relief valve is used for on one-way effect of water and overpressure protection, The relief valve will automatically drops of leakage pressure if in tap water pressure suddenly increased or heating overheating caused by the bladder pressure is too large. It is for protecting the tank.

So in the process of heating, relief valve slow drop of water is just as normal, water heater is not in quality problem.

Solutions: Close the inlet valve and open the mix water valve knob to the high temperature, the water drips from the flower is aspersed. If unable to control the relief valve dripping phenomenon, it is suggested that in front of the relief valve equipped with a pressure reducing valve; If still can't control the relief valve is leaking, You can replace the relief valve.

4. The tank leakage:

Reasons:  Due to the use for a long time and the cause of the water quality, Tank leakage may occur.  

Solutions: You can contact our service department  After rule out other parts leaking.

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