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    Front Load Fully Automatic


    • Direct Motion Motor
      Direct Motion Motor
    • Anti Bacterial Pressure
      Anti Bacterial Pressure
    • Lifetime Warranty for Motor
      Lifetime Warranty for Motor
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    • Colour
    • Washing / Dryer Capacity
      10 Kg / 5 Kg
    • Net Width x Depth x Height(mm)
    • Motor
      Direct Motion Motor
      Direct Motion Motor
      The Direct Motion Motor is beltless and directly connected on the back of the machine drum. High efficiency, save energy, low abrasion, more steady and silent.
      Direct Motion Motor
      Laser Seamless Welding Drum
      The longevity of the Washing Machine increases with this technology helping clean clothes with more care and efficiency.
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      A+++ Energy Consumption
      Now save upto 30% of water, energy and money as well. Get 100% satisfaction by bringing Haier's energy saving washing machines.
      Anti Bacterial Technology
      The gasket and detergent drawer are specially made with ABT, which eliminates more than 99.8% of bacteria and germs thus provide you a safe washing; hygiene, clean and healthy.
      Near Zero Pressure
      This technology helps the machine to work efficiently with a water pressure of 0.001-0.002 MPA. Effective wash even at extremely low water pressure.
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      {"GROUP":[{"name":"Basic Info","Field":[{"Key Features":"Smart Direct Motion motor; Golden color; huge touch screen; S-e balance system; Huge tyre door with Chroming; Dual spray; Smart dosing; ABT; Night Wash; Laser Seamless Welding drum;"},{"Washing Capacity":"10"},{"Drying Capacity":"5"},{"Color":"Golden"},{"Door type":"Tyre door"},{"Door layer":"Two layers"},{"ABT Gasket":"Yes"},{"ABT Dispenser":"Yes"},{"Drum type":"Pillow shape drum"},{"Drum technology":"Laser Seamless Welding"},{"Motor":"Direct Motion"},{"Spin Speeds (rpm)":"1500"},{"Display":"TFT touch screen"},{"Program nos":"18"},{"Programs":"Cotton, Synthetic, Wool, Down, Bulky, Jeans, Mix, Shirts, Underwear, Kid's wear, Delicate, Quick, Rinse, Drain+ Spin, Dry, Refresh, Self Clean, Hygienic"},{"Stains Care":"Fruit/Grass/Blood/Soil/Wine/Milk"},{"Additional":"Easy Ironing/Water Plus/Intensive/Night wash/Quick wash/Eco. Wash"},{"Function":"/"},{"Temp":"Cold ~ 95�C"},{"Spinning Speed":"0-400-800-1000-1200-1500"},{"Intense Function":"Yes"},{"Night Wash":"Yes"},{"I-time(Or DIY)":"Yes"},{"Delicate Care":"Yes"},{"Dual Spray":"Yes"},{"Drum Light":"Yes"},{"Extra Rinse":"Yes"},{"Delay":"Yes"},{"Power/Frequency":"220~240V/50HZ"},{"Outer Door Diameter (mm)":"480"},{"Inner Door Diameter (mm)":"320"},{"Drum Diameter(mm)":"495"},{"Noise Level dB(A) Washing/spinning":"50/70"},{"Dimension WxDxH (mm)":"595*600*850"},{"Price":"71990"},{"Type":"Front Load Fully Automatic"},{"Colour":"Champaign gold"},{"USPs":"Direct Motion Motor,Anti Bacterial Pressure,Lifetime"}]}]}
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