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    10 Kg, Top Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine, 10 Years Warranty On Motor


    • Oceanus Wave Drum
      Oceanus Wave Drum
    • Softfall Technology
      Softfall Technology
    • 10 Years Warranty for Motor
      10 Years Warranty for Motor
    : ₹
    : ₹
    In store stocks availability are subject to respective retailers.
    Not available on the market
    • Colour
      Titanium Grey
    • Washing Capacity
      10 Kg
    • Net Width x Depth x Height(mm)
    • Motor
      Normal Motor
      Oceanus Wave Drum
      Innovative Oceanus Wave Drum is a cube-shaped drum that results in effective cleaning of clothes with reduced abrasion
      Oceanus Wave
      Back Control Panel
      Back Panel Control offers convenience to finish off the piles without bending or tiptoeing
      Back Control Panel
      Two Bionic Magic Filter
      Experience a clean and hygienic wash every time with two enlarged bionic magic filter which has been specially designed to remove lint
      Softfall Technology
      The transparent lids are lightweight and are designed to facilitate smooth and slow closure by preventing sudden drops 

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      Basic Info

      • Washing Capacity:
        10 Kg
      • Display:
      • Programs Nos:
        12 programs
      • Programs:
        Cotton/Standard/Quick/Sports/Wool/Heavy/Anti Crease/Silk/Blanket/Towels/Baby Care/Tub Clean
      • Dimension WxDxH (mm):
        580 x 590 x 1010
      • Price:
      • Type:
        Top Load Fully Automatic

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