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    Haier Water Heater

    ES25V-Color FR

    • Shock Proof
      Shock Proof
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      Star Rating.
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      Longest Warranty
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    • Net Height x Width x  Depth (mm)
      UMC Tank
      The tank is proved to pass 160,000 cycles impulse test under 10 Bars, to ensure working pressure of 8 Bars.
      UMC Tank
      8 Bars Rated Pressure
      2mm thick steel UMC tank(Ultra Micro Coated) with viterous enamelling protects the tank from corrosion
      8 Bar Rated Pressure
      Incoloy 800SS Heating Elements
      Incoloy 800 stainless steel heating Element with high efficiency of 97.9%,maintains best performance under high temperature &pressure condition.
      New Encoloy
      Magnesium Rod
      The Extra long &thick Magnesium Rod ,a Europen Technology ,with a density of 220g/m works as a sacrificial anode extending the tank life by up to 50%

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