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  • Spa Mechnical White+Black
  • Spa Mechnical Ivory+White
    • Spa Mechnical White+Black
    • Spa Mechnical Ivory+White
    Spa Mechnical White+Black

    25 Litres, Spa Mechanical Water Heater

    ES 25V-S1

    • Shock Proof
      Shock Proof
    • Star Rating
      Star Rating
    • Longest Warranty
      Longest Warranty
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    • Rated Power (kw)
    • BEE Star Rating
    • Capacity (ltr)
    • Net  Height x Width x Depth (mm)
      460 X 460 X 412
      BPS Function
      By choosing the BPS mode, the Water Heater heats up the water at the highest value. This technology is helpful to kill the maximum bacteria* which is harmful for our hair and skin.
      BPS New Tech
      UMC Tank
      Only water heater with unique three layer Ultra Micro Coating tank, conforms to the Germany DIN Standard, Extra thick special steel sheet for longer life.
      UMC Tank
      Incoloy 800 SS heating Element
      Incoloy 800 stainless steel heating Element with high efficiency of 97.9%,maintains best performance under high temperature & pressure condition.
      New Encoloy
      8 Bars Rated Pressure
      Total Range of Haier electrical water heaters are tested under impulsive pressure and assured to withstand 8 bars rated pressure, which is suitable for high raise buildings and pressure pump applications.
      8 Bar Rated Pressure
      Inlet/Outlet-SS/Copper pipe
      SS/Copper is an excellent anti-corrosion material which ensures the product inner hygiene and healthy shower.
      Copper Inlet & Outlet
      RSC technology ensures consistent flow of hot water through circle round structure of the inlet tube.
      RSC Tech

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