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Fridge for Your Family: Side-by-Side or 4-Door Series?

05-21 2021

The type of refrigerator you have can truly change the way you live. So, if you’re thinking of upgrading from the traditional top freezer options and settling between the Haier HSR3918FNPG Side by Side Series Refrigerator and the HTF-540DGG7 4-Door Series Refrigerator, we’re here to help you out!

The Perfect Match for Your Kitchen: Fridge Edition

Looking for a new fridge is not as easy as some people might think it to be. There is no one-size-fits-all option. While some might think the bare minimum is sufficient, the fridge with the right features can completely change your life.

So, now that it’s time for an upgrade – what do you choose, the Side by Side or 4-Door Series? Before we dive into the type of fridge you should buy, here are a few things you should consider.



Obviously, an upgrade means more money so be sure to get the best for your buck. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean to splurge on the most expensive, highest-end appliances. Purchasing from a trusted brand is how you earn the most from your money; a brand such as Haier. Operating only on premium parts and reliable manufacturing, you’ll only experience the best.


Size does matter. A lot, in fact. Unlike conventional fridges, the Side-by-Side and 4-Door series fridges feature swinging doors that open up for both sides. If your kitchen is tiny, you might not be able to fully utilise the advanced capacities of both models. So, be sure to bring out those measuring tapes before you pull out your card.

Personal Taste

To each their own. We’re all different people with different preferences. Some features of each configuration might be ideal for a few, yet inconvenient for others. It could benefit in the long run if you note what you actually need in a fridge and the features that you actually fit your family’s needs.


Moving on, we have the good old technology. This perhaps is a combination of everything mentioned above. Still, it deserves its own category because that’s probably what most people look into after they’ve settled on a budget.

Here’s a little secret: you don’t need all the latest, revolutionary technologies in one machine; just ones that matter most.

Look no further than Haier! All Haier engineered technologies are designed to meet a single goal – for your convenience. All the technologies you actually need are already equipped in our products so you’ll never need much more with Haier.

For instance, two essential features you’ll need in a fridge that’s already designed for both the Haier HSR3918FNPG Side by Side Series Refrigerator and the HTF-540DGG7 4-Door Series Refrigerator are Twin Inverter Technology and Precise Multi Flow. These features are incredible in providing you fast cooling and energy-saving, unlike the standard fridge which you might have to choose one or the other.

So, that brings us back to the question – Side by Side or 4-Door? Let’s take a closer look.

4-Door Series or French Doors

Despite what it’s most commonly referred to as, the 4-Door Refrigerators aren’t actually French. The name, according to our Google searches, derives from the fact that it opens like French doors. Still, much like the French people, the 4-Door series fridges are stylish, elegant, and always ready for a party.

Aesthetics aside, the Haier 4-Door HTF-540DGG7 4-Door Series Refrigerator is designed with the utmost convenience in mind and perfect for smaller families who occasionally host. Featured with wider storage space for sizable containers and large serving trays, these fridges are great for pre-made meals as well that’ll last your family a week thanks to its MyZone food preservation options.

Together with its open shelving systems, it lessens waste and forgotten items usually left at the back of the fridge. Additionally, if you’re much an organisation-systemic person, this is the fridge for you as the open shelving also makes for more creative storage.

Technologies to note in the Haier HTF-540DGG7 4-Door Series Refrigerator:

#1: HCS Plus Antioxidant Moist Zone

#2: MyZone

#3: Pronounced Anti-Bacterial Technology


Side by Side Series

For when you have many mouths to feed, this is the fridge for you. Featuring an array of storage capacity ideal for a large family, adjustable shelves, and easier access to everyday foods, this type of fridge is particularly great if you tend to buy in bulk.

Normally, this type of fridge is not super ideal for storing wide items, but the Haier HSR3918FNPG throws that issue out the window. With 569L Big Capacity storage, you can now throw in all those leftover pizza night boxes without any worry – there’s even enough room to fit an entire chicken! And don’t worry if anything spills. Simply remove the shelves, run it over the sink, and voila, clean!

The Cold LED feature of the fridge ensures no feed is neglected and shines a brighter light on food wastage without actually emitting heat. When paired together with the Immersive Touch Screen, feel peace of mind that your foods are preserved in the most ideal conditions.

Technologies to note in the Haier HSR3918FNPG Side by Side Series Refrigerator:

 #1: 90° Auto Suspension

#2: No Frost

#3: Adjustable Shelves


Let Us Help You

When it comes down to it, both types of fridges are attractive options for a kitchen upgrade; especially if it’s a brilliant Haier design. What matters most is your lifestyle and your family’s unique needs. If a larger capacity fridge is what you’re looking for, the Haier HSR3918FNPG Side by Side Series Refrigerator is the one for you. For a more ergonomic design match, choose the Haier HTF-540DGG7 4-Door Series Refrigerator.

Get the perfect match for your kitchen here!