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Haier Ranked the #1 Global Major Appliances Brand for 5th Consecutive Year

01-02 2014

LONDON, Dec. 22, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Haier is ranked the world's number one major home appliances brand with a 9.7 percent retail volume share, according to the 2013 Global Major Appliances Brand rankings released by Euromonitor International, the 41-year-old global leader in consumer market strategy research. In terms of the manufacturer rankings, Haier gained the top position with an 11.6 percent market share, while Whirlpool and Electrolux remained Haier's strong competitors.

Haier also maintained its leadership position in the global markets for refrigerators, washing machines, wine coolers and freezers.

According to the research data of Euromonitor in recent years, this is the fifth time Haier has been recognized as the #1 Global Major Appliances Brand. Against the backdrop of increasing international competition, Haier's consistent and steady growth has attracted widespread attention, but industry watchers are even more interested in investigating into the driving factors behind Haier's success.

Haier is deploying a networking strategy to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by the Internet era. This differentiates Haier from other players in the global appliances market. Haier aims to develop innovative and smart appliances that users can communicate with through the internet, enabling multi-way communications between users and a suite of smart appliances to create an intelligent life experience.

Haier strives to build smart homes and communities, in order to rapidly create a smart living experience for consumers. However, Haier is not the only player in the smart appliances market, and a number of rivals are challenging its leadership position to gain a larger piece of the pie. Looking ahead, the industry's attention will be focused on if Haier can leverage its networking strategy to maintain its global appliances leadership position amid the intense market competition.


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