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The seeds of partnership


The Haier Philippines story starts at the birth of SANYO Philippines, Inc. (SPI) which dates back to 1971. SPI’s manufacturing history started with the production of high quality and durable gas stoves. Later, the product lines were expanded to refrigerators, television sets, air conditioners and washing machines. SPI continued its manufacturing operations until it was shifted to 100% product importation in July 2004.Continuousproduct innovation led SPI to the award of “Outstanding Manufacturer of Refrigerators” from 1998 to 2003by the Consumer Union of the Philippines.



An alliance born with inspiration.


With a proven track record of inspiring innovation and imagination, combined with decades of market insight and the ability to remain relevant in an ever-changing market, HAIER, a world-leader in the appliance industry, decided to cross oceans, reach the Philippine shores and bring to Filipino homes new and exciting home appliances that have helped catapult HAIER into becoming the world's number one major appliances brand in threeconsecutive years, an honor bestowed upon Haier by Euromonitor, a much-respected and world-renowned marketing and research agency.


On Oct 18, 2011, Haier Group and SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. signed a final agreement for Haier to acquire SANYO’s washing machine and consumer use refrigerator businesses in Japan, and washing machine, consumer use refrigerator and other consumer electric appliance businesses in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Vietnam. The new company HAIER ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES PHILIPPINES, INC.(HPI) was establishedbased on SPI in 2012.The integration of resources of R&D and manufacturing of Haier Group worldwide offers more capability to the local HPI to satisfy the demand of Filipino consumers.

Branding experience

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Haier Philippines:Smart living

Focus on the theme of "three high" and strategic transformation,insist on Haier brand global concept, in-depth interpret good life with Inspired Living topic. Lead consumer requirement with full range of efficient, healthy and intelligent platformization and familization products. Strengthen on Sell out as entry point,focus on high-end products marketing and retail competitiveness of terminal stores,continuous innovation in the content and form of marketing, strengthen on display, improve shopfront image; optimize user interaction team, improve efficiency, become the first class brand in Philippines with high-quality products and services.


Haier Company History



Key Event


 SANYO Philippines, Inc. established at Quezon City, Metro   Manila. Gas Cooker, Black & White Television production commenced.


 Colour Television production commenced.


 Relocation to new factory premises in Taguig, Metro Manila.


 Refrigerator production commenced.


 Washing Machine production commenced.


 Consumer Union of the Philippines awarded SPI the "Outstanding Manufacturer of Refrigerators" award for   three   consecutive years: 1998, 1999, 2000.




 SANYO Philippines, Inc. is certified to the ISO 9002 Quality   Standard.


 SANYO Philippines, Inc. established website on the Internet.


 The Consumer Union of the Philippines awarded SPI the "Outstanding Manufacturer of Refrigerators" for 

 the fourth consecutive year.


 Consumer Union of the Philippines awarded SPI the "HALL   OF FAME" award as a result of winning the 

 "Outstanding Manufacturer   of Refrigerators" for the fifth consecutive year.


 The Consumer Union of the Philippines awarded SPI the   "Outstanding Manufacturer of Refrigerators" for

 the sixth   consecutive year.


 Started 100% importation of all products from other SANYO   Group and OEM company.


 Introduction of Commercial Products.


 Haier Group and SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. signed an agreement  for Haier to acquire SANYO’s 

 washing machine and consumer use refrigerator   businesses in Japan, and washing machine, consumer 

 use refrigerator and other  consumer electric appliance businesses in Indonesia, Malaysia, the   Philippines   and Vietnam.


 Haier Group acquired / owned SPI 100 percent and changed   company name to Haier Electrical 

 Appliances Philippines Inc.


 Stage of stable development

 Launch the SAP system and Toll-free Hotline


 All products switch to Haier Brand


 Launch the high-end model and expand the channel


 Rapid development stage and improve the strategic   transformation


Welcome to Haier!

Haier Group

Founded in 1984, the Haier Group has been dedicated to innovation and creating a world famous brand over the past 26 years. Originally a small collective plant on the verge of bankruptcy, it has now grown into an international group which has more than 70,000 employees around the globe and realizes a turnover of 135.7 billion yuan in 2010. Haier has risen to be the world’s No.1 brand of consumer appliances. In addition, it was selected as one of the world's Top 10 innovative companies issued by USA Newsweek’s website.
Haier aims to create a world famous brand in the age of the Internet, which features satisfying the personalized needs of users in a short time. What such a business needs is large-scale customization rather than massive production. Taking this opportunity provided by the Internet, Haier addressed this challenge and actively explored and practiced the “Win-win Mode of Individual-Goal Combination”. Through “Inverted Triangle” organizational innovation and “End to End” ZZJYT construction, it realized the transformation from “selling products” to “selling services” and fostered differentiated and sustainable competitive advantages.
Trend-leading R&D advantages ---- The Haier’s patent applications total over 10,000- ranking first among Chinese home appliance firms. Haier takes the lead to make breakthroughs in international standards. It participated in the drafting of 61 international standards, 27 of which have been issued and implemented. The company boosts the export of the entire industry chain through standard output.
Zero-distance virtual and practical network combination ---- Haier has enormous marketing network advantages in China. In full combination with the Internet, it developed the competitiveness of catering to the demand of consumers in the quickest time via “zero-distance virtual and practical network combination”. “Virtual network” refers to the Internet, which forms customer loyalty through online communities; “Practical network” refers to the marketing network, logistic network and service network, which helps realize the quickest delivery. Therefore, a lot of world-noted brands commission Haier to manage part or all of their sales in China. In the meantime, Haier utilizes their channels overseas to sell its products. With resource exchanges, Haier speeds up the pace of entering the world market.
Zero inventory with on demand manufacturing and delivery ---- Giving up the traditional product-oriented development pattern, Haier adopts the user-oriented large-scale customization of “on demand manufacturing and delivery”, realizing “zero inventory” and “zero accounts receivable”. On the basis on working capital zero loans, Haier’s cash conversion cycle reaches minus 10 days.
In future developments, to meet demand in the era of the Internet, Haier will place emphasis on U-Home integration, try to control the say on patent standards, further improve global marketing networks and create more user resources. Meanwhile, the company will integrate worldwide R&D, production and sale resources with the “3 in 1” localized mode so as to create an international brand.
While devoted to its development, Haier actively fulfils its social responsibilities, assisting in the building of 145 hope primary schools and producing the 212-episode children’s science cartoon Haier Brothers. Haier was the sole consumer appliance sponsor for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.
Learn More About Haier Please Visit: www.haier.net


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