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Haier warranty

Haier Electrical Appliances (Philippines) Inc (hereinafter referred to as “the company”), hereby offers the    following warranty to the original domestic purchaser commencing from the date of the purchase.



Conditions of warranty

1) The company will, free of charge repair or replace any defective part or parts which prove to be defective in    workmanship and/or materials and not due to abnormal or improper usage, at its sole discretion.

2) This warranty will automatically terminate on the expiry of the applicable warranty period from the date of    invoice.

3) This warranty shall be strictly limited to the repairs or replacement of defective parts specified in the    warranty. For refrigerator, freezer & air conditioner, refrigerant and other consumable items are not    covered by this warranty after one (1) year from the date of original purchase.

4) The company reserves the right to retain any part or component replaced at its sole discretion during the    warranty period.

5) In no event the company or its authorized service center be liable for any consequential damages or resulting    liability, damage or loss arising directly or indirectly out of any defect in the appliance.

6) The company’s employees or its authorized representatives or dealer/service franchisee have no authority to    vary the terms of this warranty.

7) The company is not liable to provide service support beyond 5 years after the end of manufacturing of the    particular model of the product except in cases where the product is covered under warranty.

8) To validate your warranty, please register your purchased product information on-line by Haier website or    hotline within 10 days.

9) Present this warranty card together with your sales invoice or official receipt upon request of service.

10) This warranty is not valid in case of the following events:

a) If the product has been installed/serviced/repaired/opened or tampered by any unauthorized personnel.

b) If original serial number is removed or obliterated from the product.

c) If defects arise/caused by improper electrical circuit, major fluctuations in voltage, alteration, misuse,    neglect, substitution of original components with spurious/non-genuine components, attacked by household    pest/rodents fire, food, earthquake ,lightning and/or any other accident or act of God/natural calamities.

d) Frames and plastic parts damage caused by improper handing of the buyer.

e) This warranty is valid only to the product sold by Haier thru its authorized dealers and used in the    Philippines.

f) Accessories; bulb, remote control, battery or ordinary wear and tear of parts like, handle, knob, cabinet, cover    and cosmetic plastic parts are not under warranty.

g) This warranty is neither assignable nor transferrable.

h) The product is shifted outside the Philippines.

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