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Haier Philippines' Road to Growth Tour 2015

11-10 2015

In its efforts to strengthen the brand and establish presence in the country, especially in the provinces where Sanyo (the brand from which it finds its roots) have gained popularity and brand loyalty, Haier Philippines embarked on a business caravan called the “2015 Road to Growth Tour.” An intensive product, sales, and marketing training attended by the branch managers, brand frontliners such as sales executives and store promoters, the tour kicked off in August and will extend until mid-September. Among the caravan’s pitsops are Iloilo, Cebu, Bohol, Davao, Legaspi, Iriga, Tacloban, Isabela, and Tueguegarao.

“As new contenders in the Philippine appliance industry, Haier and AQUA are introduced as two new brands that will provide a whole new product experience for the Filipino families beginning fourth quarter of this year,” says May Zamora-Cabajar, Haier Philippines’ Marketing Communications Director. “We would like the customers and clients from these provinces to look forward to new great things from Haier and AQUA,” she adds.

The brand has been putting a lot of work in reintroducing itself in the country, taking huge steps when it comes to marketing strategies; but with its goal of becoming the most trusted home appliances brand in the Philippines, Haier goes beyond the line of sight. It refuses to stop at branding and promotions; it gets to the core: the people. Fully committed to bringing its name closer to the heart of every Filipino household, Haier works on strengthening the brand from the inside out.

“This tour is all about growth: growing our business partners and team’s product knowledge and growing their brand loyalty, which in turn will allow them to contribute to the overall revenue growth that we aim to achieve,” explains Cabajar. Haier believes that the program will help foster brand confidence among their business partners. As they are among Haier’s main connections to consumers, it is important that they actually trust the brand so that they could recommend its products to their customers.

With superior product knowledge, the sales executives and product promoters will also be able to give end users accurate information. “Consumers are the heart of Haier - it is very important for consumers to get the correct product details and specifications when buying appliances and electronics for their homes, we want to sincerely address their needs,” notes Cabajar. “After this training, we expect in-store product demos to be more informative and precise, without leaving anything out.” Not only will this help the consumers decide on their purchase, but the people’s confidence will be passed on to their customers.

The new journey that Haier is taking may have only just begun and could take a little longer, but one thing looks certain: it’s going in the right direction.

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