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Haier inspires and empowers the Filipino youth

11-10 2015

It has always been part of Haier’s mission to empower the young generation and help create a bright futurefor them through its technology. Driven by this goal, the world’s number 1 appliances brand jumps at the best opportunities to share its resources for the advancement of our “torchbearers.”

This year, that opportunity comes in the form of workshops called TV Lectures by Jiggy Manicad, one of the country’s most respected journalists from GMA Network. Manicad’s TV Lectures is a series of free seminars on news, and documentary and film production, specially facilitated for students of different universities across the country.

The AB Communication Arts graduate of the University of the Philippines (UP) Los Bañosexplains that the idea of putting together the lectures was born from his own personal advocacy to promote the right to quality education. He also finds it as his way to serve his fellow Filipinos. “TV Lectures was conceptualized to give students from both public and private schools the chance to learn the basics of broadcast journalism and the responsibility that goes with the job, as well as the techniques employed in documentary and film production,” says Manicad. “It is also a great opportunity for them to learn and interact with experts and practitioners in the field,” he adds.

Finding the chance to provideencouragement and inspiration to the youth of today, Haier Philippines, Inc (HPI) partners with Manicad to give the young people an opportunity to sharpen their minds and enhance their knowledge and their craft. “These students, they are the future of the Philippines,” says Nobuhito Hayashi, president and CEO of Haier Philippines. “As a company, we feel that it is of utmost importance that we support them as they aspire to become the best in their fields of interest, in this case journalism.”

As Manicad brings his lectures to different Universities, Haier, at the same time, brings an excellent addition to each school’s broadcasting rooms: a 40-inch LEDTV. “We believe it will aid the students in discovering new things about this specific field. It would be a great tool for active learning,” says Hayashi. The schools that will receive Haier’s 40-inch TVs include UP Los Baños, UP Diliman, and the University of Santo Tomas.

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