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Haier extends its global brand market share to 10.2 %, topping the Euromonitor Global Major Appliances 2014 Brands rankings for the sixth consecutive year

01-26 2015

 On December 31st, 2014, Haier was ranked again as the Number One Global Major Appliances Brand with 10.2% retail volume market share in 2014 according to the latest data released by Euromonitor International, the world's leading independent provider of business intelligence on industries, countries, companies, and consumers. It is learned that this is the sixth consecutive year that Haier has been rated as the top of the Top Euromonitor Global Major Appliances Brands and the first time that Haier’s global retail sales has reached double digits.Haier also tops Euromonitor International's ranking in three product categories including Refrigeration Appliances, Home Laundry Appliances and Electrical Wine Cooler/Chiller.

The past year 2014 has witnessed profound changes in the world’s home appliances market. Household appliances giants in Europe and America as well as Japanese appliances brands have displayed unexpected changes. Global household appliances sales have experienced continuously decreasing growth and even negative growth. However, the research data from Euromonitor International shows that Haier’s global retail sales of major appliances have maintained a continuous increase since Haier topped the Euromonitor Global Major Appliances Brands rankings in 2009 with a global market share of 5.1%.This time Haier’s crowning for the sixth consecutive year with an absolute advantage of 10.2% in global market share against the market sluggishness endorses Haier’s successful transformation.

Haier’s continuous increase in global sales of major appliances is due to its ability to rapidly respond to the users’ pain points and meet users’ needs. Take refrigerators that are plugged in 24 hours as an example, the direct cooling refrigeratorscurrently used by most households in China are not only power-hungry but also, in the case of frost formation, encourage the thriving of bacteria and are hard to be defrosted. However, the air cooled frost-free refrigerator developed by Haier resolves these user problems once and for all. Also, due to the revolutionary technology Haier’s air cooled refrigerators have gradually started to be universally spread. 

Secondly for instance the washing machines that need be used weekly and even daily in many households. The inner tank of a pulsator washing machine that has been used for three years is reportedly 500 times dirtier than the closestool. In everyday life, consumers either know nothing about it or need regularly clean the washing machine tanks. Haier’s “No Need to Be Cleaned” washing machines enable consumers to have clothes washed really clean in cleaner tanks. In spite of the high price starting from 3999 RMB, Haier’s magical washing machines reaped nearly a sales volume of 200,000 units in 5 months, surpassing the industry’s high-end pulsator washing machines.    

In addition, Haier’s wine coolers/chillers, like freezers, have also solved the pain spots of consumers and met those needs. Haier’s global sales of 22.8% with freezers and 18.1% with wine coolers/chillers represent their shares in the minds of users and also prove the popularity of these two products among the users.

In the Internet Age, Haier exhibits itself externally with the concept “Smart Home” and internally“the networked factory” . Haier’s “Smart Home” refers to the digitalized operation based on the understanding of and interacting with users. On Haier’s user-oriented big data platform about, the data tags on users’ interests/likes, brand preferences, buying intentions are numbered in billions, help generate clear user picture and clearly analyzes user needs to drive business innovation. What’s more, Haier’s smart household appliances such as the Air Rubik, “No Need to Be Cleaned” washing machines, Smart window refrigerators and SKFR series air-conditioners have represented the concrete implementation of Haier’s “Smart Home” strategy.

Haier’s “networked factory” serves as a connection between Haier’s research and development resources and users so as to create the optimized smart applainces product experience during the whole process. Answering to the trends of the internet age and focusing on users, Haier has removed the distance to interact with users and realized the real-time networking and interacting between global users and global R&D resources, module makers, staff and automatic equipment via the open eco-system of “the networked factory”, with the ultimate purpose of providing really designed-to-custom, made-to-custom and delivered-to-custom user experiences.   

Besides, as China’s most time-honored brand in the field of smart household appliances, Haier U-home has been rated as China’s Number OneSmart Household Appliances Brand for six consecutive years. Haier has so far built a one-stop smart life solution that covers household life sphere such as air, water, food, cleaning& care and entertainment based on the U+ Smart Life platform. This solution of Haier is changing people’s lifestyles.

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