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Global Technology Roundup: New glorious achievement Haier striving for No. 3 in Thailand household appliance market

08-10 2016

According to the report of The Nation in Thailand on July 13, the two years revenue of branch company of Haier in Thailand has reached THB 7 billion .Thanks to the development of marketing business of air conditioner and refrigerator in this year, its revenue is expected to exceed THB 2.6 billion.With such glorious achievement, Haier will take various measures in Thailand market to strive for No. 3 in household appliance market.

For improving band awareness and stimulating local demand, Haier plans to push out a series of new products including new washing machine, air conditioner and refrigerator, etc. Meanwhile, it has established a research and development center in its Thailand factory for better understanding of consumer demand. Moreover, for this year, Haier even invested THB 50 million for upgrading its production device, which greatly improves productivity.

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