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The only one air conditioner has came to market on Apple Homekit platform is Haier product

08-10 2016

On the 27th Apple Worldwide Developers Conference which has just ended, Apple Smart Home Platform Homekit once again became the focal point, and the logo of Haier once again appeared on cooperative walls of this platform. Being one of the first batch of enterprises which has participated  the development of this platform in 2014, Haier has developed Haier Homekit air conditioner, the only one household appliance on Apple Smart Home Platform that has been researched, developed, and successfully put on the market. This kind of air conditioner can connect with Apple Homekit Smart Home Platform and support siri voice control. For now it is for sale in Haier Tmall flagship store.

Haier Homekit air conditioner can be easily networked and automatically and quickly match and connect with iPhone and iPad after installment. By using APP, users can learn indoor air conditions and regulate running mode, wind speed and temperature of air conditioner, and even manage smart air conditioner through siri voice dialogue. For users of Apple device, Homekit air conditioner can make corresponding response by  pressing Home key on the device and giving specific demand by voice, which improves interactivity between Apple users and smart household appliance and user’s convenient experience.

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