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Southeast Asia is Iauded by Japanese media as new engine for growth of global air conditioner industry while Haier is ahead of the whole industry by 2 folds

08-10 2016

In recent days,JARN, the professional refrigeration, heating and ventilation air conditioner journal which is issued worldwide, released the global air conditioner market data of 2015. Data shows that the growth of Southeast air condition market in 2015 is moving on the better side, with growth rate of 10.5%compared to last year. In which, the sale of Haier has a growth of 34% in this region, surpassing the whole industry by over 2 folds. According to the  latest data, from January to June in 2016, Haier air conditioner increased by 60% in Southeast market compared to the same period of last year, which is still far ahead of the whole industry and rank first solidly among Chinese brands in southeast market.

In recent years, Southeast Asia  local consumers pay much attention to energy efficiency and refrigerating capacity of air conditioner. inverter efficient air conditioner market grows rapidly in Southeast market. Based on characteristics of more family members and muggy climate in Southeast Asia, Haier’s Nebula series of air conditioners, which are hot products overseas, upgrade its air duct, fan and motor, so it can refrigerating strongly and realize over-distance (more than 20m) air supply. It is known that,  this model of air conditioner has been sold to 20 countries and regions including Italy, Thailand, Indonesia, and Saudi Arabia, etc.

Haier air conditioner promotes completely intelligent strategy worldwide, and its sales volume has multiplied year by year since Haier smart air conditioner products was exported firstly in 2013. According to statistics, Haier smart air conditioner has met active demand in 24 overseas countries including Italy, France, Pakistan, and India, etc; and with a increase of 4 folds in 2015 compared to same period of last year, it continues to lead the global smart air conditioner market.

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