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Google Campaign from HACI

08-10 2016

In order to promote brand awareness of Haier Air Conditioners in Italy and improve terminal sales, while adhering to the strategy direction of B2B, B2C online and offline integrated marketing, HACI starts to cooperate with Google since 2012 and analyzes promotion effects and improvement directions in Italy by taking full advantage of Google tools such as Adwords, Youtube and Gmail. At middle of May this year, HACI posted a video named “Stay Fresh” on Youtube and it was spread widely on Internet. Up to July 5, the video had more than 680 thousand views, which indicates that it has obtained good reputation and effects.

Besides, with coordination of local warranty extension policy and activities, it also effectively improves user satisfaction and terminal sales.

Video Introduction:The video named [Stay Fresh] is an advertisement which is “expensive while modest”. “Expensive” means that the total value of dog breeds in this video surpasses one million Yuan; while “modest” refers that no products appeared in this video which is more 30 seconds;the words of “Haier Air Conditioners” is only showed at the end of this video. At the same time, Stay Fresh incisively and vividly interprets the concept of Comfort Made Easier, which has been always being promoted in Europe by Haier Air Conditioners, and also further firms its confidence of to be a recognized leader in global HVAC industry by innovation in technology, product and business model.

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