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A Young Couple's Guide to Perfectly Livable Condos

04-12 2016


A Young Couple's Guide to Perfectly Livable Condos

How to make a condo a place you’ll be happy to live in


Whether you just got married or on your way to married life, the next crucial step is to prepare your new home. A condo is almost always a perfect place for any young couple to start a life together. But despite the accessibility and convenience it provides, it’s still important to have a checklist of all your essentials.

From toiletries, to kitchenware, to on-call maintenance and repair services, all these serve to make life happen. But since you're planning the rest of your life out, little luxuries like an air conditioner certainly won’t hurt. That comfort makes a home out of the place you live in.

“It’s important for couples to consider appliances that help create a healthy and comfortable home environment,” says Nobuhito Hayashi, President & CEO of Haier Philippines. “At Haier, we strive to deliver products that users can enjoy together. This is the same for our air conditioners, which have been designed to set an atmosphere that’s perfect for home life.”

Finding comfort from this day forward

You don't just have a little extra comfort in your life when you purchase your first air conditioner. Temperature control is a simple yet often overlooked aspect of daily living that contributes to the overall quality of the moments you spend together.

According to a paper published by the American Psychological Association, Inc., cooler environments actively work to minimize tensions that form in places with generally high temperatures. This helps set the stage for a happy domestic life.

With days and nights running as cool and as breezy as you need them to be, it's so much easier to imagine better and more comfortable days ahead. There are so many smart products on the market, but if you know exactly what your home needs, you're bound to make the smartest choices.

Giving warm love a cool, new home

Since monthly expenses are typically an issue for starter homes, you might want to consider how much it would cost to operate your air conditioner every month. Inverter-type models with lower wattage requirements and high Electrical Efficiency Ratios (EER) ranging 10 and up are good for most condos and are affordable enough for moderate daily use.

It's typically a good idea to be sure of the amount of space you're cooling with your air conditioner. On average, smaller apartments in the range of 30–50 square meters need compact, window-type units that run at .5 horsepower (hp), like Haier's HW-05LMB13. Larger apartments closer to the 100 sqm range often benefit from larger window-type inverters, such as Haier's AQUA AQ-RV97BP, which run at 1 to 1.5hp. A Japanese brand that replaced Sanyo, AQUA delivers inverter window-type air conditioners designed to cater to the needs of the Southeast Asian market.

With up to four available fan and cooling settings, the Haier HW-05LMB13 can take on cozy, comfortable nights or sweltering summer heat with the turn of a dial, making sure that you only use as much power as you need. Meanwhile, the Haier AQUA comes with a 24-hour timer, a user-friendly touch panel, and a number of different digital cooling settings to let you set the right temperature for your home.

“It’s only natural that we want the best to start off our married life,” Hayashi continues. “With a little planning, young couples can ensure that the first few weeks, months, or even years of living together can be as comfortable—and happy—as it can possibly be. Keeping cool takes a lot of love.”



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