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03-10 2016

Enjoy your family time together with the best Haier has to offer

Spending quality time with family isn’t only the perfect break from stress at school and work; it also lets families reconnect and build a healthier relationship with one another. But with how busy life can get, family time has been confined to the weekends. This makes it even more important for the family to make the most of their limited time together.

Quality family time doesn’t have to be a trip to the park or the mall. Right in the comforts of home, families can strengthen bonds while enjoying an entire day of fun-filled excitement, from getting everyone to prepare the meals to playing board games and learning to make art together. And if you want something just as fun but relaxing, you can organize a movie night and watch the films you all haven’t seen before.

Speaking of movie night, nothing spoils the experience more than grainy, low-resolution viewing. For movies in full ultra-high definition, the Haier B7000U TV promises dynamic sound, vivid image colors, and exceptional image accuracy with its 3840x2160 resolution. Watch all day without worry thanks to its A+ energy consumption efficiency rating.

If the family wants a more engaging activity, the Haier U5000A Serial Smart TV will let you play games and use apps for entertainment. The pre-installed Android system is officially certified by the Global Mobility Specialist (GMS) for easy system upgrade. Download apps straight from the Google Play Store and watch, play, and connect with the whole family through your TV.

Whether you decide to go for a relaxing or energetic activity, make sure that the family can stay cool and comfortable the whole time. The Haier Window AC HW-5LMB13 ensures comfort with fully customizable settings to meet your personal requirements. Eco-friendly with its advanced R4104 refrigerant, this Window AC offers lower energy consumption and overall power efficiency.

For a more energy-saving option, Haier also offers the AQUA Window Inverter that comes equipped with the latest R32 eco-friendly refrigerant which reduces electricity consumption with its higher energy efficiency ratio (EER). With its blue fin evaporator, the AQUA features superb corrosion resistance and durability even with daily use.

As Euromonitor’s No. 1 Home Appliance Brand for seven years in a row, Haier takes pride in its success stemming from its deep understanding of its customers. The company firmly believes that customers are the heart of Haier. This pushes the company to innovate products and develop technologies that will not only improve lives, but also exceed expectations.

Haier Philippines knows the value of family for every Filipino, designing and manufacturing home appliances that even the average Filipino family can appreciate and enjoy using together.

“During the design process, our first priority is to take note of the preferences of the people we serve. Our appliances are made just for them and should, therefore, cater to their needs and wants,” says Nobuhito Hayashi, President and CEO of Haier Philippines. “We want Haier to be a part of every Filipino family. We have a long way to go, but we know we’re in the right direction through the release of new products.”

The company is set to release new top-load washing machines and introduce its Small Domestic and Kitchen Domestic Appliance line. Going above industry standards, the company also offers upgraded service warranty for all of its Window AC units, with two years on parts and labor as well as five years on compressors.

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