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It's official:GE Applicances belongs to Haier

08-26 2016
                        Dear friends:

A new month is coming, and we wish you all work goes smoothly and have a cheerful mind.
Haier Smart Air-conditioners will accompany you to enjoy the wonderful UEFA European Championship in this passionate June.
                                            It's official:GE Appliances belongs to Haier                                        



                            On June 7, 2016, Haier Group and General Electric Company announced that both sides had signed delivery document required by the transaction of Qingdao Haier integrating GE Appliances, which marks that the GE Appliances has officially been a member of Haier.


                            After six months and $5.6 billion, the appliance division of General Electric officially belongs to Chinese manufacturer Haier. Haier's purchase of GE's Louisville, Kentucky-based appliance division is an assertive attempt to build a stronger presence in the US appliance market. Meanwhile, GE Appliances claims nearly 14 percent of the US appliance market.


                            Zhang Ruimin, the president of board of directors and CEO of Haier Group, said that: “enterprise culture of both Haier and Home Appliances Company of General Electric has the spirit of advance with times, and we believe that the powerful combination of both sides can achieve results of 1 plus 1 greater than 2”.
Liang Haishan, chairman of the board of Haier Group, said that: “for all staff, users, business partners and shareholders, the news announced today has a positive significance”.
Chip Blankenship, CEO of Home Appliances Company of General Electric, said that: “we are greatly thrilled to be a member of Haier, one of global home appliance enterprises”.


                            Haier extends Indian industrial park: next year's production is expected to quadruple                        


                            In the evening of June 22, Haier announced that it would lay a foundation for the extension project of Haier industrial park in Puna, Maharashtra, India. This project is expected to be put into operation at the end of 2017, the production is expected to quadruple, and export to Middle East, Africa, Russia, etc.


                            Two new plants of the base are north of original plant, and ancillary facilities such as new-built office building, mess hall, apartment are provided around, covering about 15,000 square meters. After the operation of new plant, category of products produced in local plants shall be extended to washing machine, air conditioning, water heater, television, etc. from refrigerator. Production of Haier in India is expected to quadruple.


                            Through localization design, localization manufacture, localization sales (namely “three in one”), Haier rapidly opens Indian market and establishes a brand. The foundation of new plants is more the deepening of “three in one” strategy, and it shall further improve Haier’s brand influence and competitiveness in local market.                        

                            Haier R290 Air conditioning are used in United Nations Building




                            At 10:30 am, June 15, a very special air-conditioning handover ceremony formally kicks off in the United Nations building, which locates at No. 2, Liangmahe South Road, Beijing City.

While looking the 1300-square-meter wall around United Nations building, Japanese brand which had been used for nearly 20 years was “out of use” and replaced by a batch of outdoor units with the logo of “Haier Brothers”, arranged trimly. Haier Air-conditioning products installed in United Nations building can be deemed as a special export, which makes a successful marketing for “Made in China”.

According to Haier Air-conditioning party, “For this time, United Nations building is installed R290 intelligent variable-frequency air-conditioning, the worldwide most environmentally friendly one which also applies intelligent self-cleaning technology, it is very consistent with the environmentally friendly pursuit of UNDP.” On the scene, Foreign Economic Cooperation Office, Ministry of Environmental Protection and China Household Electrical Appliances Association have together witnessed this ceremony.






                            Haier HPN12XCMthe best portable air conditioner                        


                            Recently, The June Issue of Consumer Reports, a prestigious journal in America, has published the testing ranking of 26 models of 7 hot-selling air-conditioning brands in America, international brands such as Haier, GE, LG are in the list in four product segments divided from 5000BTU to 15500BTU (refrigerating capacity). Interestingly, because American GE home appliances joins in Haier, 9 models of Haier and GE are in the list and awarded as the product of “worth purchasing” and “worth recommending”.


                            The sweethome, one of favorite recommended authoritative websites of consumer goods assessment among American consumers, conducts test for more than 50 models of hot selling portable air-conditioning in American market, HPN12XCM, a Haier portable air-conditioning, ranks No. 1 with comprehensive assessment, and is rewarded as “The Best Portable AC”, and Haier air-conditioning is recommend to consumers as the product most worth purchasing in official website. In the test lasting nearly 20 hours, the test for hot selling products occupies one third of time. Upon the assessment from refrigerating capacity, dehumidification ability, energy efficiency, price, etc., Haier portable air-conditioning finally wins with best performance.


                            According to information, aiming at intelligent differentiated demands of American consumers, Haier launches the first intelligent air-conditioning certified by Weave in America cooperating with Google. It is not only energy conservation& mute, but also can control startup & shutdown, setting pattern, temperature, etc. remotely, which gets users out of the trouble of using window-type air conditioning and brings convenience for American consumers. Currently, Haier has enjoyed 12% shares in American window-type air conditioning market, and ranks first among Chinese self-owned brand in this regard.














                            Four development trends influencing the development of global air conditioning market


                            According to the analysis report of global air conditioning market recently issued by Technaivo market research institution, during 2016-2020, the market development shall be influenced by numerous important trends. Top four factors are: popularization of intelligent temperature controller, use of frequency conversion air-conditioning, needs of integrated system, and the introduction of air purification technique. Specifically:


                            The use of intelligent temperature controller becoming more and more popular
Intelligent temperature controllers such as Nest, Ecobee3 haven been become more popular in residence and shopping mall. This kind of temperature controller can monitor the temperature in house and commercial space using mobile device and computer.


                            Rapid use of Inverter air-conditioning
Technavio believes that, Inventer air-conditioning can reduce about 30% energy consumption compared with central air conditioning equipment, meanwhile it is easily to be installed and costs less. Taking advantage of one set of gear shift compressor, they start and stop the compressor according to temperature.


                            Needs of integrated system
Heating conditioning control and building system have been more integrated, and it drives end users to seek the needs of system whole interest including illumination and access control.


                            Introduction of air purification technique
Sinha said that: “constant concern about the influence of air pollution on health has promoted supplier to launch separate air purification technique. Many suppliers have integrated air purification system into air-conditioner, thus there is no need to buy purifier separately. It contains multilayer filtration and activity technology for removing the impurity in air”.




















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