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Haier meets flavour!

11-20 2018

Meals that add pleasure to life and nurtures body is the subject we face every day. Therefore we should avoid the loss of the flavor of food as time fleeting. By dry and wet storage techs, Haier fresher is able to keep the food fresh longer, no matter it is fruits and vegetables or dried fruits and meet. It makes the flavor lingering longer and the pleasure lasting forever.

Keeping Fruits and Vegetables Fresh Longer, Retaining the Water and Fiber

Long life to her who knows the value of the delicate freshness of hand-picked fruits and vegetables.

She wants to retain the juice in fruits and the rich fiber in vegetables. Haier knows that because of the vegetable’s high water content which should be stored in high moisture condition. Therefore, Haier designs a special wet storage space for fruits and vegetables, guaranteeing the non-dehydration of them and extending their lives. 

Keep the Meet Texture Fresh Longer, Retaining the Flavor and Nutrition

Long life to him who knows the value of the succulent well-selected steak.

He wants to retain the rich protein of fish and meet and the succulent steak. Haier knows that fresh meet is prone to deteriorate and therefore should be stored separately from other foods and the texture of freezing meet is closely related to the fluctuation of temperature. Therefore, Haier designs constant temperature freezing space, guaranteeing the flavor and nutrition of meet.

Long life to you, food lover who knows to enjoy life has a lot to do with nurturing body and soul with healthy fresh food. We are the allies of those who choose to make pleasure last longer, we celebrate food lovers by helping them avoid waste. 

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