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Haier on the MOVE (Most Outstanding Valued Effort)

11-29 2013

Haier on the MOVE (Most Outstanding Valued Effort)

World’s Super typhoon Yolanda (International Code: Haiyan) hit the Philippines leaving the country in a devastated state. A lot of people are appealing for help.  Then, what a company should do to help? This is not a mandatory but it’s a kind of responsibility that a company must do.

November 18, 2013 -- We planned and organized Haier CSR Campaign for those people who were greatly affected by Super typhoon “Yolanda”. Objectives of this project are to unify as one organization-team- family and be considered as socially responsible company by engaging to contribute and to be dedicated to help in our own “Haier” way.

It took One (1) week for the preparation to coordinate with all HPI departments for their full support and cooperation, collection of all in-kind donation and delivery of donation to our selected non- government organization which is the Philippine Red Cross that aims to provide Blood Services, Disaster Management, Safety Services, Community Health and Nursing, Social Services and the Volunteer Service.

Our CSR campaign was started in workplace where the spirit of unity, cooperation, and teamwork is ignited by dedication of Haier employees to lend a helping hand for those Typhoon victims. Due to full support and cooperation, all donation boxes were overflowing with food, clothes, toiletries, etc.

A lot of preparation was properly done from collecting, sorting, packing, and storing and transporting donation but with those people that helped us to prepare our CSR Activity, it made easier for us to accomplish our work and we felt tirelessness because we were dedicated to help.

On November 22, 2013 was our schedule to deliver our donation to PRC. We met and had photo opportunity with Ms. Janette Alcaraz, Director, Fund Generation, who is the overall in-charge for accepting all donations.

Unexpectedly, Mr. Richard Gordon, Chairman/CEO of Philippine Red Cross  noticed us and we had an opportunity to greet and talk to him. He said that we must continuously support Philippine Red Cross. He suggested that our company’s next project is to have “Blood Donation” and he will be happy to see that.

It’s really a good experience for us and we are really proud that they witnessed our effort to help and they’re very thankful.

We saw a “mountain” of donation and it’s not easy to repack if there’s a limited volunteers. But with exerting all our “Haier “effort even though we felt tiredness physically but alive and energetic emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, and having enjoyment in what we do help us to relax. To be a dedicated helper for Phil. Red Cross and Typhoon victims motivated us to


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