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Haier Asia International Unveils New Strategy

05-04 2014
The Haier Asia International team gathered in Osaka, Japan, on March 28th where the company's senior management team announced a series of new initiatives to drive growth across the Asian region. 
Recently appointed CEO, Yoshiaki Ito announced a range of strategic changes that aim to position HAI as one of the leading enterprises in Asia. To achieve that goal, HAI has established unified marketing, sales, finance, R&D, and strategy&administration divisions, uniting resources from around Asia, and  decided to reduce the number of job bands from over 10 to 5, to ensure maximum efficiency and cooperation. 
HAI outlined plans to follow the "three-in-one" approach to localization (localizing R&D, manufacturing and sales) in order to drive growth, while also furthering Haier Group's strategic objective of becoming a "platform-based" company adapted to the needs of the internet age. The objective is to achieve "zero distance" between the company, its staff, its suppliers and its customers, and move towards building itself as a self-managed company and the market leader in its industry in the coming years.
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