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From Self-cleaning to Zero-cleaning, Haier Invented the World's First "Outer-drum-free" Washing Machine

08-20 2018

From Self-cleaning to Zero-cleaning, Haier Invented the World's First "Outer-drum-free" Washing Machine

The rise in housing prices has made the small and comfortable apartment that is easy to clean the first choice for the younger generation. But how can you place a "large-capacity" washing machine yet does not take up much space in a small apartment?

Recently, at the AWE 2018 exhibition, Haier released the world's first "Outer-drum-free" Zero-cleaning Washing Machine. The structure design of removing the outer drum and leaving only the inner drum completely solved the "dirty drum" problem existing in the traditional washing machine, and truly achieved zero-cleaning. The small size and large capacity design has also brought good news to many families with a small apartment.

For a long time, the dirty drum problem of washing machines has always been a problem that plagues the development of the industry. The root of it is that the structure of inner and outer drums of the traditional washing machine makes it easy for dirt attachment and bacteria breeding.

As a global leader in the washing machine industry, Haier has put this 100-year problem to a close. From Haier pioneered the Smart Ball Technology, and led the industry into the era of zero-cleaning in 2014, to it innovated the No-Water-Between-Drums Technology to prevent the possibility of secondary pollution of clothes in 2016, and to the "outer-drum-free" zero-cleaning today, Haier used 4 years to make 3 iterations and revolutionize the Self-cleaning Technology into Zero-cleaning Technology, which completely solved the problem of the traditional washing machine's stained outer wall of the inner drum during the washing process, as well as the bacteria issue, and achieved the cleanest washing effect.

Inner drum expansion saves the space

In addition to the iterative innovation of Zero-cleaning Technology, Haier's “Outer drum-free” Zero-cleaning Washing Machine has also expanded the washing capacity of the inner drum, so that the traditional 8 kg washing machine can wash 10 kg of clothes at a time, meeting the current users need for small-size and large-capacity washing machines.

In addition, Haier's “Outer-drum-free” Zero-cleaning Washing Machine has reached the leading level in terms of conventional parameters such as water consumption, power consumption, wear rate, cleanliness and noise value.

Original technologies show Haier's strength

Through 4 years and 3 technical iterations, Haier not only walked in the forefront of the innovation road in the zero-cleaning WM industry, but also brought a new healthy washing experience to the global users, which was benefited from Haier's adherence to the original technology idea.

Statistics show that at least 20 original innovative technologies of Haier washing machine have been replicated and imitated by other washing machine rivals in the world, and the birth of Haier's “Outer-drum-free” Zero-cleaning Washing Machine is bound to help Haier become more powerful in terms of global original technology.

Relying on the global 10+N R&D layout, Haier quickly connects users' needs with global innovation resources, and truly realizes “where there are needs, there is R&D”. By using original technologies to continuously improve the user experience and meet the personalized needs of users, Haier has also promoted the development of the industry to a new level while harvesting users' praise!

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